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We are future parents (in December), Life coach and specialist in pedagogy
Looking for January - February Specialist Baby Sitter / Educator :
- Women (more young but not obliged)
- Deeply love kids (love nature and animals)
- Have experience with baby, and education
- Happy / joyful (good energy), nice, polite, benevolent, curious, helpful
- Very specific, fastidious, painstaking
- Want to learn and growth
- Mindset : ok to do the « step more » and go beyond what we ask
- Can take decision and action
- Speak english perfectly and Portuguese
- Open to learn and use, psychology and a different way to educate (and follow our vision)
- Ready to be available and stay focus on the job 2-3-4 years
- Have a car and can be mobile
- Work : To begin with few hours / week, then few days / week and maybe more.
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